Joe Rogan on Elon Musk-Twitter speculation: Musk “cares” about freedom of speech

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Joe Rogan on Elon Musk-Twitter speculation: Musk “cares” about freedom of speech

Everyone knows who Joe Rogan is. His podcast is currently one of the most popular, but one of the most popular episodes is the one in which Elon Musk was a guest. There are many things that are remembered from that podcast, and Joe Rogan commented on the conversation with Musk in a conversation with YouTuber Lex Friedman: “It was hard to bring it out of him.

In-person, before [the podcast], he was very jovial and friendly, and huggy,” He continued: "And then, once he got on the microphone, I was like ‘oh, this heavy lifting, I’ve got to bring this out of him’”.

Rogan found the ideal solution: “So, then we started drinking. It helps a lot. And then, once the drinking [started], then I got to see who he is – he likes drinking,” he said.
Elon Musk is known as one of the most intelligent people.

As a person he is specific and much different from others. “It’s very difficult to find a replacement for the way he thinks. […] His mind is, clearly, way more advanced than my mind. There’s something going on in his mind, in terms of his attraction to engineering issues, solutions to global problems”.

Elon Musk and Twitter

However, what is now the main topic is Elon Musk and his offer to buy Twitter. Rogan explained his view of the situation: “I think he does care. He does. Genuinely,” said Rogan. “He’s concerned about censorship.

He said freedom of speech is someone you don’t like saying something you don’t want to hear. He goes, they have to have that right. It’s essential to democracy”. “They’ve done this campaign over the last few years to silence certain voices and stop aggressive people and stop people being sh***y to people.

Some of that is good. But it’s like, where does it end, and how do you know where it ends? You don’t. That’s where it’s weird”.