Alexa Bliss: "Very painful post surgery rhinoplasty"

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Alexa Bliss: "Very painful post surgery rhinoplasty"
Alexa Bliss: "Very painful post surgery rhinoplasty"

One of the great absentees of this recently staged edition of Wrestlemania was undoubtedly Alexa Bliss, who last year was instead one of the absolute protagonists of the Showcase of the Immortals, when she went to betray her former mentor, The Fiend (aka Bray Wyatt), causing him to lose in the long-awaited match against Randy Orton, which fans have been waiting for months.

After leaving the scene for a few months, due to a long-planned nose surgery, Alexa Bliss was back on stage for some episodes of Monday Night Raw, a few weeks ago, only to disappear again from circulation. Apparently, however, not only would Bliss have been absent from the two cards dedicated to Wrestlemania 38, but the girl would have been completely absent from all Wrestlemania Week, which is very unusual for any athlete of the main roster company, especially for the important name of Bliss.

Alexa Bliss reveals some shocking post-op images

In one of her latest videos uploaded to her TikTok page, the former WWE main roster champion wanted to let fans know a very important detail that had escaped all of them, namely a truly painful post-operation for the surgery performed on the nose by the girl, just a few months ago.

Although this inconvenience often happens to those who undergo a rhinoplasty operation, Alexa wanted to show precisely the images of her suffering and completely bruised face, a few days after undergoing this treatment, with the video that we will post below, which is truly bloody and raw and therefore not recommended for a public sensitive to these issues.

Obviously, the girl has recovered in the best way, as we have seen in the last appearances made on the television screens of the McMahon company, with Alexa who at the moment does not find space in the storylines of the company, probably because she is still on marital leave, but to short it is almost certain that we will see her again in a prestigious place of the red show.

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