Woman farted at the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial: HERE'S THE VIDEO!

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Woman farted at the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial: HERE'S THE VIDEO!

The trial pitting Amber Heard and Johnny Depp opposites is causing a stir with incredible revelations bouncing across the globe and some videos that would be dirertive if they weren't so grotesque. A video that went viral in the last few hours shows a woman who allegedly farted during her testimony in Depp's trial against former wife Heard.

the woman would then apologize to the courtroom. Fans have noticed on Depp's reaction, despite his apparent calm, some characteristics of Jack Sparrow, a pirate played by the actor, protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga.

Their relationships and what is happening in the trial

Depp met the Amber Heard year before the set of The Rum Diary of 2014. The following year, on February 3rd, the couple got married with a civil ceremony in the actor's house in West Hollywood.

In May 2016, after only 15 months of marriage, Heard filed for divorce from her Depp, claiming she suffered physical violence when he was drunk; the thesis was denied by the Los Angeles police, although the story is still controversial.

The couple concluded their divorce proceedings in August 2016, then formalized in January 2017. Heard obtained a $ 7 million divorce allowance. Heard said that the actor allegedly se*ually assaulted her with a bottle of liquor after the wedding: "I just remember that I was bent over back and I felt pressure on my pelvis."

The team of lawyers defending Depp said Heard's testimony was the best performance of her life. Amber, to the court of Fairfax, Virginia, revealed very intimate and particular details of their marital relationship. She said a day Johnny Depp inspected inside to see if there was any cocaine inside her.

We also recall that in 2010 Amber Herard came out: "I've had successful relationships with men, and now with a woman. I love who I like, it's the person that matters." At the same time, she stated that her parents' understanding of her gender was not immediate, being a family of Catholic tradition.