Johnny Depp on his daughter’s near death experience: The darkest moment of my life

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Johnny Depp on his daughter’s near death experience: The darkest moment of my life

Johnny Depp has experienced many difficult moments in his life. What shocked most, however, was the fact that his daughter, today 23-year-old Lily-Rose Depp, was close to death. It all happened in 2007 when she was 8 years old.

Johny Depp brought her onto the Sweeney Todd set, but at one point Rose Depp grew ill, she was rushed to hospital, where she spent 9 days. The reason for everything was the infection with Escherichia coli “To say it was the darkest moment, that’s nothing,” Depp said, as quoted by cheatsheet.

“It doesn’t come close to describing it. Words are so small. But knowing that those people, Tim [Burton] and the crew, shut down and stood by and waited. I didn’t know if I was coming back. I remember talking with Tim, saying, ‘Maybe you need to recast "I lived in the hospital for three weeks with my kid, not knowing if she was going to make it or not," he said, as qzoted by hellomagazine.

Johny Depp adress

In his address to cancer charity Rhonda's Kiss, Depp said he understands parents and their pain. "Parents, please note that you have my utter respect. Please note that you have all my respect, and you have my promise to continue to fight, this noble fight right alongside you at any time."

"I spent time in Great Ormond Street when my daughter was ill. I've known darkness in my life, but that was the darkest period ever," Lily spoke to French ELLE about the fight against anorexia and problems.

"It hurts a lot and depresses me, because I have spent a lot of energy fighting the disease," she told "I was much younger when I faced with anorexia, it was very difficult to deal with it. All who are familiar with this problem, know how difficult it is to return to a normal life. "I have battled an eating disorder for a long time and am very proud of the results that I have achieved."