Podcaster, Deborah James is receiving end-of-life care: All I want is more life

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Podcaster, Deborah James is receiving end-of-life care: All I want is more life

Deborah James had an emotional message that made many cry. In an interview with BBC Breakfast, she revealed that her illness is in its final stages, given that she has been suffering from bowel cancer for 5 years. "Please, please just enjoy life because it's so precious.

"All I want right now is more time and more life,"- James said, as quoted by OK "I've always said I don't want to leave any stone unturned - I don't think there isn't a stone we haven't tried to un-turn to make my liver work again in order to get my body functioning," she began These are difficult moments for her and you have to be very brave to stay collected in such difficult moments.

"Unfortunately I'm exhausted - I'm absolutely exhausted. We've got to the point now where I can't really do anything more." "I have a really loving family who I adore.


We can’t imagine how hard it is for her at the moment, but what she wants most is for her children to become successful and happy people, and to grow up in a healthy environment.

James had only words of praise for her husband who is his greatest support. "Honestly, they're incredible and all I knew I wanted was to come here and be able to relax knowing that everything was OK." "The thing that I know, because I trust my husband - he's just the most wonderful man and so is my family and I know that my kids are going to be more than looked after and surrounded by love," she concluded.

"You always want to know as a mother - are your kids going to be OK? And my kids are going to be fine. "But it doesn't mean I'm not going to miss every chance I could have had with them."