Amber Heard: "Johnny Depp was jealous of James Franco"

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Amber Heard: "Johnny Depp was jealous of James Franco"

Amber Heard is testifying these days at the trial that sees her former husband Johnny Depp, with the star actor of Pirates of the Caribbean saga asking for 50 million dollars for defamation. The trial, which will resume on May 16 in Virginia, is causing a sensation due to the statements and accusations that the two protagonists are making.

During the trial in Fairfax, Virginia, Amber said Johnny Depp allegedly raped her with a bottle following a terrifying argument between the couple in Australia. She said: "Depp was holding me by the throat and threatening me with a broken bottle of liquor.

During the melee we ended up on the bar counter. I felt this pressure I felt pain, I felt pressure against the pubic bone. I don't remember what did I say, but that I was trying to stay still, looking around the room full of broken glass."

Amber Heard: "Johnny Depp was jealous of James Franco"

According to Amber Haerd, the couple's problems should also be attributed to the jealousy that Johnny Depp felt, especially for the actor James Franco.

She explained: "Depp was so jealous of his colleague James Franco that shooting The Adderall Diaries with him became a nightmare. Depp hated Franco and suspected that I was having an affair with him on set. He said I was a slut for shooting love scenes." On a flight from Boston to Los Angeles, Johnny blamed Amber for those scenes and began throwing objects at her and slapping her.

Heard analyzed: "He didn't hurt me, but he humiliated me compared to the other passengers on board. Nobody said anything. Nobody lifted a finger even after he kicked me with his boot." Amber said around that time she had begun documenting Depp's behavior because he couldn't remember anything when he came to his senses.

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