James Middleton: It helped me fight anxiety and depression

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James Middleton: It helped me fight anxiety and depression

James Middleton is another one who has shown his courage and decided to talk openly about anxiety and depression and the way he struggled with them. In an interview for the Mental Health Digital Issue with Scarlett Moffatt, he revealed what is most important: "I'm a great believer in being outdoors, whether in the city or the countryside.

Putting yourself first to take a moment is sometimes hard but so important. To get outside and away from the stagnant air inside is uplifting." - he said, as quoted by hello magazine. Dogs are also a form of therapy. "I also enjoy taking my six dogs for walks," "It's lovely when people are interested in my dogs.

They stop and say, 'Please can we say hi to them?' Before we know it, we're chatting. "If you don't have a dog, maybe you could volunteer at a local shelter. Most charities need volunteers to help with the dogs, or to foster them.

The Dogs Trust and Battersea Dogs Home both do fostering programmes – before they find their forever home they need to get used to living in a house. "You can tell a dog your darkest thoughts and trust them because they won't tell anyone else.

To put your emotions into words to your dog is a release."

Family therapy

He also revealed that he sought the help of a therapist and that they had family sessions. An interesting idea, which helped him a lot. "That was so important," James previously told The Telegraph.

"Because it helped them understand me and how my mind was working. And I think the way the therapy helped me was that I didn't need my family to say, 'What can we do?' The only thing they could do was just to come to some of the therapy sessions to start to understand."