Joe Wicks on a documentary about his childhood: I’m a crier and I love it

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Joe Wicks on a documentary about his childhood: I’m a crier and I love it

Joe Wicks, body coach and fitness trainer decided to tell his story that surprised many. In his documentary, ‘Facing my Childhood’, he talked about his father and mother and the difficult childhood he spent. All that had an impact on him.

In an interview with OK, he talked about his documentary, which is obviously very emotional and his story will make many people cry. Wicks also stressed the importance of mental health, especially for men, who learn to be 'strong' from an early age.

"It’s so important. I just think a lot of men struggle with showing emotion and being vulnerable and crying. But if you can unleash that emotion it’s a superpower." - he said. Wicks believes that tears are the best way for a person to get rid of their pain and fear, and talks about the importance of crying.

Joe continued: "I've cried on TV, radio shows, my podcast. I'm a crier and I love it. I'm not embarrassed. I cry all the time because I'm proud and I get emotional."

The goal of the movie

The goal of this documentary is not only to show the negative side, but also the positive side of the story, and the lesson that despite difficult times, the sun can come again.

"I really don't want it to be a heavy documentary that's really sad and depressing. I want there to be a positive outlook on it. Wicks also believes that all the problems we have can be solved and that we are the initiator of change and the first step towards achieving happiness.

It seems that his documentary will send a lot of interesting messages. "No matter how difficult your life is and how challenging your mental health might be, it's just temporary. The person you think you are, can change. So that's the most important thing."