Lily-Rose Depp defends her father Johnny from Amber Heard's allegations

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Lily-Rose Depp defends her father Johnny from Amber Heard's allegations

Lily-Rose Depp daughter of Johnny Depp, defended her father from the charges of her former wife Amber Heard, who is testifying in the trial that Depp filed for defamation. English weekly Hello! posted an Instagram post in which Johnny's daughter stood up for her parent.

She said: "My father is the sweetest and most loving person I know, he has been nothing but a wonderful father to me and my little brother, and everyone who knows him would say the same." Johnny Depp revealed that relations between his daughter and Amber Heard were not good.

So much so that the girl would have refused to attend her father's wedding. Johnny said: "Since I knew there was nothing true in what you said, I felt a responsibility to defend not only myself but also my children.

They were 14 and 16 at the time."

Lily-Rose Depp's private life

Lily-Rose Depp joined the Self-Evident Truths project in support of the LGBT community, against discrimination and on that occasion she declared that she was not 100% straight.

She defines, in fact, her fluid sexuality. Not immune to the criticisms of body shaming that define her as too thin, Lily-Rose stated in an interview that she too, like other celebrities, suffered from anorexia in the past, having long come to terms with this eating disorder.

She has a close relationship with her father, to whom she gave a lucky charm bracelet from which she never separates. Johnny is so attached to her daughter that he has her name tattooed on her chest, above her heart. Additionally, in 2016, she publicly defended him against allegations of abuse by ex-wife Amber Heard.

In February 2017, the young model and actress posed for Our City of Angels magazine with her mother Vanessa Paradis. Proceeds from sales were donated to Planned Parenthood. From 2018 to 2020 she had a relationship with actor Timothée Chalamet, known on the set of the film The King.