Deborah James 'gutted' she won't see her new book

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Deborah James 'gutted' she won't see her new book

The news of Deborah James and the fact that she is receiving end-of-life hospice care at home saddened everyone. In 2016, she was diagnosed with bowel cancer and is now in the final stages. Deborah sent a message to her fans via Instagram.

It's Deborah James in the picture, and in her hand is her book: How to live when you could bed dead. The book will be released on August 18, and unfortunately, James said she probably wouldn’t be around to see its release.

“I wrote another book!! So, I’ve got a few things to share with you before I die that I’m gutted I won’t see in real life “But I’ve now been granted permission to share them and I’m really excited!

“For the last 2 years I’ve been working on my second book How to Live when you could be Dead - oh the irony of the title! I wanted to share all my (hard-won!!) learning on how to have a positive mindset when we are faced with life’s biggest challenges.

“Whilst it is in its final edits, as anyone in publishing will know, suddenly changing book publication dates (regardless of health!) isn’t an easy feat. It was originally due out Jan 2023!!!" “All things considered, Penguin have managed to put it on pre-order and are aiming to publish it on the 18th August!

It is still long after I’m flying high, but hopefully a little less longer for you to wait”.

Bowelbabe Fund

James has once again shown how great a person she is! “We have worked really hard over the last few days to ensure the book benefits Bowelbabe Fund as much as possible.

“All my royalties will go to the fund and Penguin have kindly agreed to make an additional contribution per book. Altogether the donation per book will be £3. “£3 per book sold in the UK will go to Bowelbabe Fund for Cancer Research UK”.