Johnny Depp's former girlfriend: "He was a jealous and always drunk man"

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Johnny Depp's former girlfriend: "He was a jealous and always drunk man"

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are at the trial that the actor filed against his fomer wife for defamation, after the interview that Amber granted to the Washington Post, during which she said she suffered violence from Depp.

Depp, who saw some broken contracts after that interview, sued Amber for damages of up to $ 50 million. The two parties involved in these days are leaving room for testimony, pending the final verdict, with the process, which has now become the media, which should go on for about a week.

Former girlfriend of Johnny Depp, Ellen Barkin, spoke of how he was a jealous man and addicted to alcohol. Ellen Barkin had a relationship with Johnny Depp in the early 1990s. She said: "Depp was often drunk back in our story.

He was a possessive and jealous man. Where are you going? Who are you dating? What did you do last night. I once got a scratch that made him really angry, he insisted that I got it by having something with someone who wasn't him.

He was always drunk or high on marijuana. Mr. Depp threw a bottle of wine into the room, the hotel room in Las Vegas. Not I know why he launched it."

What said Amber Heard last week

The ongoing libel trial in Fairfax, Virginia, in which Amber Heard will testify against ex-husband Johnny Depp, who wants $ 50 million in damages, resumed on May 16.

Amber, in the new testimony, resumed attacking her husband: "Over and over again, the most intimate, embarrassing, deeply humiliating and personal things that I have experienced are being used against me, every day.

It's torture. I suffer so much, emotionally. I just wanted Johnny to leave me alone. I want to go on with my life. And he won't let me. Don't call me a liar. Don't say I'm telling a lie. I begged Johnny not to let me feel what I'm feeling now sitting in court to speak in front of you all."