BBC News presenter Huw Edwards on the fight against depression

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BBC News presenter Huw Edwards on the fight against depression

Mental health has become a topic that is being talked about more and more, and we hope that it will be the same in the future. Many celebrities, but also 'ordinary' people, decide to talk about their mental problems and point out the importance of mental health.

One of those who decided to talk about his struggle with depression is also BBC News presenter Huw Edwards. Edwards revealed some details of his struggle.
"I'm pretty clear that I have suffered – and do suffer – from depression.

It's not anxiety, although it includes anxiety, but it tends to hit me in a strong wave and then go away," Huw said, as quoted by hello!


Depression is a serious illness that takes more and more lives.

During depression, you lose the will for daily activities, fewer and fewer things make you happy, and it is difficult for you to do anything. "Your mind goes into a place where you don’t want to do anything. You can't make any decisions.

Things that you usually enjoy, you dread. You come into work and obviously you do a professional job, but you're kind of pushing your way through it," Huw continued. "If it's very bad – as it has been a few times over the course of 20 years – you can't work.

During the worst one I had, I couldn't get out of bed." One of the strategies he uses is boxing to help him fight depression. He seems to be in a better situation now, and he knows better how to deal with depression, and we hope that Huw will successfully cope with depression.

"It's one of the things I can do when I feel myself on the slide. I can pull my way out of it," he says. Mental health is of great importance and the path to happiness and success.