Deborah James: Not been a good day, as many aren’t at the moment

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Deborah James: Not been a good day, as many aren’t at the moment

Deborah James is a real fighter, and her fight with bowel cancer will continue. She is currently receiving hospice care, and she is left to fight her worst enemy. However, James is still active on social media and posted a picture with the dog and family, with the description:
“I love makeup!

I was feeling soooooo sh*t in this image. “Not been a good day, as many aren’t at the moment. But it’s amazing how images don’t tell the 10000 other words!” She still has the strength to make herself and her fans laugh: “For reference, I spent my day telling everyone to f**k off”, along with a laughing face emoji.

Her sister gave her a good suggestion, which James obeyed: "I’m now only getting some very grabbed hours between the sleeping and side effects, but this girly sleepover managed to put such a smile to my face having spent most of yesterday in tears!"- she said, as quoted by ok.

"I’m getting less and less able to leave the house, or bed really now, so was feeling pretty down about it. Or do anything for that matter! But my sister suggested a party sleepover! "It was just perfect! I went from staying in my wheelchair to ending up everyone helping to get me into an actually Tee pee to watch Cinderella with the gang and sit there like a five year old with a huge Cheshire Cat smile on my face next to my daughter and sister!"


Deborah James spoke a few days ago about the In The Style collection she worked hard on.

"I cannot tell you guys how this partnership has kept me going through my hospital stays and taken me away from cancer," the star wrote. "For years, I always talked about 'dressing up to make you feel better', and over recent months all the ups and downs, being in and out of hospital, dressing up in nice clothes and popping on some lippy has made a difference to my journey." "I've had so much fun designing and curating everything and I hope you have just as much wearing it all".