Dakota Kai's new look is simply GORGEOUS!

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Dakota Kai's new look is simply GORGEOUS!

After seeing Dakota Kai become King Kota, with her social profiles that had already changed their name a few days ago, the former couple champion of NXT together with Raquel Rodriguez, who at the time called her Gonzalez, wanted to show herself throughout the her beauty, with a completely different cut and hair color than what she has always shown in the WWE rings.

We recall how the athlete's non-competition clause with WWE expired just 3 days ago, with this clause that for NXT athletes it lasts only 30 days and not 90 days as with the athletes of the main roster, so currently the girl could appearing in the rings of any company, to return to fight or to be a manager after the release from WWE.

Dakota Kai's new look is simply GORGEOUS!

Dakota was recently released by WWE, precisely on April 29, in a wave of layoffs that hit NXT and the Performance Center, along with peers such as Persia Pirotta and Dexter Lumis, among others.

A couple of weeks after the release, news came that Dakota Kai had registered the King Kota trademark on May 9, according to the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office). Dakota was back in the latest wave of layoffs that WWE had wanted to bring to its third color roster of NXT, with her name having been rated a few months earlier as a possible addition to the main roster, but with the Chairman's thinking not has never been positive about her.

According to Vince Mcmahon, in fact, the girl could never have become material from the main event, nor from the main roster, with Dakota Kai who therefore remained at NXT until WWE had plans for her, only to be fired like the other athletes considered a burden for the company.

In the last few hours, the girl has thus shown herself to her fans, discovering an even more daring look than before her: