Deborah James: I'm determined not to die over the Jubilee weekend

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Deborah James: I'm determined not to die over the Jubilee weekend

Deborah James remains positive despite the difficult moments and the illness that befell her. James has bowel cancer (for all those who don't know.) and doctors have not been optimistic about their prognosis. Queen's Platinum Jubilee is something that many expect, and James still has the strength for humor, which is the best medicine for man: "I'm determined not to die over the Jubilee weekend, I don’t want Meghan stealing my thunder.

“I haven’t worked so hard to raise cancer awareness and money to help find a cure, only to miss out on another front page when I go”. - she said, as quoted by ok.

Deborah James on social media

James is active on social media and has a lot of support from her fans.

"If you want to know how my day is going this is classic!" Deborah said to her followers. "This was due at 12 to launch and thankful @inthestyle were on it to go live! "I on the other hand was having one of those days (sadly like a lot of my days now).

But I’ve only just been able to be awake enough to do this!" "Argh dying is hard you know!! Thank you for your continued support, and kind messages. link below and in stories." James has shown many times how great her soul is, and her fundraiser has reached the figure of 6 million pounds, which will direct her to the progress of medicine.

”Through donations, fundraising and partnerships we are all continuing to raise an incredible amount of money that will help give more Deborah's more time,” said her family of the money raised. “All money raised will be allocated, with the support of CRUK to funding causes and projects such as: funding clinical trials and research into personalised medicine that could result in new treatments for cancer patients."