Pique's mistress decided to say everything

It has been written for days that Pike cheated on Shakira with a 20-year-old hostess and that his wife caught him in the act.

by Faruk Imamovic
Pique's mistress decided to say everything

However, there is no confirmation of that, but Pike's reputation has meanwhile been hit by Suzy Cortez, Miss Bumbum, and a big Barça fan. Barcelona defender Gerard Pique and singer Shakira officially confirmed yesterday that they are divorcing after 12 years spent together.

Shakira, 45, and her 10-year-younger partner Gerard Pique, the Barcelona stopper, have been together since 2011. They also have two children, but they never married. These days, the media around the world reported on the termination of a long-term relationship, and the reason for that, as the tabloids wrote, was Pique's infidelity.

She didn't deserve it

Suzi admitted to "El Diario NY" that Pike sent her messages almost every day and that many of them were not appropriate. - He was the one who sent me a more direct message. The only Barça players who have never sent me anything are Messi and Coutinho.

They are great husbands and respect their wives. Shakira didn't deserve this - Suzy said.

He asked for a number

She added that she was a friend of former Barça president Sandra Rosell. - When Pike found out, he asked for my phone number and sent me a message.

When I got back to Brazil, he also sent me a message on Instagram. He was interested in when I would return to Europe, he always asked me about my ass and how big it was and that he was jealous of the Messi for receiving so much attention from me.

I never said this out of respect for Shakira, but now I will say everything that happened to me - she said. By the way, Susie recently admitted that Messi's wife Antonella has been persecuting her for five years. Her love for the Argentine is widely known, and she loves him so much that she tattooed his face on her crotch and butt.