Famous model passed away at the age of 38!

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Famous model passed away at the age of 38!

Model Pasha Bleasdell has died at the age of 38 after battling a brain tumor. Pasha was a model in many music videos and gained immense popularity in the 2000s. Canadian filmmaker Director X posted the news on Instagram, shocking many: "We lost a friend yesterday.

Pasha Bleasdell passed away from a brain tumor [on] June 4th, 2022 11:59 p.m. If you made videos in [the] 2000’s or were around to watch them you know Pasha”. - he said, as quoted by revolt." "We met her doing background work on the set of Donnell Jones’ “Where I Want To Be” from there we put her in the mix.

It was a wild ride from then on. I’ve put her in a million videos and spent just as much time hanging out,” he wrote on Instagram He also stressed how good a person Pasha was and ready to cooperate. "She was always genuine and cool.

Never brought drama to set of life. You never know when the last time you speak to someone will be the last time you speak. I hold on to my memories of you with love. Rest in Power Pasha January 24th, 1984 – June 4th, 2022,” he said.

Twitter users' reaction: I wanted to look like Pasha

There are many more messages of condolence from fans and acquaintances: "Pasha Bleasdell is a LEGEND💔 The jean vest with no shirt/bra.. the Kangol with the wash and set..

my God we stole all her styles from the music videos.. She was IT🔥 R.I.P to an ICON🕊"- one Twitter user wrote. "Pasha Bleasdell was baddd, honey. I grew up trying to makeup looks like hers.

She was so young!" "I wanted to look like Pasha Bleasdell when I grew up. May she rest in peace. 💔" "RIP to talented and incredible beautiful Pasha Bleasdell. May her memory be eternal."