Deborah James wants bowel cancer symptoms to be shown on loo roll

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Deborah James wants bowel cancer symptoms to be shown on loo roll

Deborah James spoke as a guest on Lorraine and stressed the importance of toilet roll manufacturers writing signs of bowel cancer on their packaging. She is happy for Cara Hoofe, her friend who suggested the idea to M&S Marks & Spencer supported the idea of Deborah and Hoofe, so they will be adding bowel cancer symptoms onto its toilet roll packaging.

Deborah James said: “Congratulations Cara. I'm so pleased that you are talking about the hard work that you have put in, and what you have achieved. “I know we've both gone through bowel cancer and we've spoken so many times about getting signs and symptoms on loo roll but you finally did it and I am really really proud of you for doing that.

“It's the start of things to come, I think we should now do a big shout out to other companies now, saying come on where's your signs and symptoms. “Forget about the puppies, I'm bored of the puppies. We need actual information signposted on those loo rolls so I'm hoping lots of other big brands will now go "yeah, hang on, this makes massive sense.

This is what we need to be doing. “I can't wait to see that happen, and a massive, massive well done to you”. - James said, as quoted by OK.

Cara and employee reactions

M & S’s packaging changes delighted many, and Cara couldn’t hide her emotions.

“I’m over the moon, I don’t really have words to describe how I feel about M&S, my company doing this to raise awareness around bowel cancer especially as we’ve a huge customer base." One employee said: “I met Deborah in the earlier days of her diagnosis through Bowel Cancer UK.

She’s been a support to me and I really hope I’ve been a support to her as well. “This whole idea for the loo roll came off the back of how Deborah carries herself in everyday life. "When I submitted the idea, I sat there and thought, “She’d just tell me, ‘It’s not good enough.

What can we do?’” I then swiftly got in touch with our chairman and CEOs and tried to create a noise around it and it worked."