Dua Lipa: between training, diet and love stories

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Dua Lipa: between training, diet and love stories

In the last few hours, sensational rumors have arrived about an alleged love story between Dua Lipa, British pop star and Aaron Piper, actor of Elite, successful series broadcast on Netflix. But what kind of training does Dua Lipa do to keep in perfect physical shape? She practices yoga and pilates, indoors or outdoors: two or three times a week, at least.

Dua Lipa trains practically every day but her sessions never exceed a quarter of an hour. She keeps fit thanks to High-Intensive Interval Training, high intensity but very short duration. To invite her fans to follow her, she launched the video clip of one of her workouts to the notes of Physical.

Among her favorite dishes, a typical Albanian spinach pie and pizza, fruit, vegetables and fish, lots of water, at least two liters between meals. Diet? Not really, but she never eats solid food after six in the evening. She said: "I have to deal with my body not having a good metabolism."

Dua Lipa's career

Trained culturally and musically between London and Pristina, she made herself known around the age of 14 with covers of popular songs broadcast via YouTube.

She debuted on the market in 2015 for Warner Records with the single Be the One, later included in her first album Dua Lipa from which two other successful singles were taken, New Rules (2017) and IDGAF (2018). Another song from that album, One Kiss, obtained a similar success, the result of a collaboration with the disc jockey Calvin Harris and at the top of the charts in 2018.

Future Nostalgia, her second work released at the end of March 2020, reached the top of the British album chart after just one week, driven by the singles Don't Start Now, Physical, Break My Heart and Levitating. Over the course of her career she has won several musical awards, the most important of which are three Grammys and six BRIT Awards.

She has been the testimonial of the Italian fashion house Patrizia Pepe since 2017 and of the Anglo-Spanish one Pepe Jeans since 2019. Dua Lipa has never failed to mention her Kosovo Albanian roots as a founding part of her culture and in July 2020 her tweet about the desire to see parts of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo and Greece incorporated into a Greater Albania on base ethnic controversy provoked lively controversy and the labeling of what she claimed as foolish nationalism.