Molly-Mae Hague on her book: It’s allowed me to relive some of the emotions

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Molly-Mae Hague on her book: It’s allowed me to relive some of the emotions

Molly-Mae Hague, Tommy Fury’s girlfriend, spoke to OK magazine before the release of her book, Becoming Molly-Mae. She talked about close people and a small circle of friends. "I feel really lucky to have a small circle of true friends around me.

Those few friendships are effortless and feel, to me, more meaningful than having many friends. "I’m open about the fact that I have never been the type of person who had tonnes of different friends from different places and that’s OK.

"The people closest to me know that I’m not super sociable and that I feel more comfortable cosied up on my sofa, but that’s my choice – which isn’t for everyone, and I get that!"- she said, as quoted by OK.

"I personally like having a small circle, and that’s something I explore in the book: you have to work out what makes you happy,"

Mae on growing up

Of course, Mae also talked about growing up and leaving some friends.

"As you grow up, you learn that not all of your friendships stay the same and that’s OK: everyone is on their own path," the star continued. "Along the way, you make a lot of choices that can shape who you become – and a lot of those choices can turn into lessons."
Writing a book helped her get to know herself better and let go of her emotions.

"It’s allowed me to relive some of the emotions I experienced along the way, and have some conversations with family and friends that have given me a deeper understanding of certain things that happened in my life, and why they did when they did,"- she said, "When I was younger maybe I didn’t always fully understand the bigger picture if I was going through something," she said.

"Writing this book has given me more perspective and helped me be able to look back and think, ‘OK, that was not much fun at the time... but if that didn’t happen, then maybe I wouldn’t be where I was today."