Johnny Depp could waive compensation owed by Amber Heard

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Johnny Depp could waive compensation owed by Amber Heard

Johnny Depp won the libel trial against former wife Amber Heard, getting $ 10.35 million in compensation from the Fairfax Virginia jury. Amber made harsh statements against the Hollywood star in a 2018 Washington Post editorial.

Depp, in turn, was sentenced to pay his ex-wife two million dollars because his lawyer had called his accusations a scam. "Amber is absolutely unable to pay," the woman's attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, said in the aftermath of the verdict, announcing the appeal accompanied by new evidence.

Meanwhile, Depp has opened a TikTok profile which in two days has collected eleven million followers. In the meantime, it would appear that Johnny Depp could waive the compensation owed by former wife. Actor's attorney said to ABC: "We have to be careful what we say, but from the start what was at stake was his reputation.

It was never about the money. Johnny got his back on his feet. reputation. That was all that mattered to him."

The last moments of the trial

Amber Heard will have to pay her ex-husband $ 15 million in damages for defaming him: less than the 50 million requested by the plaintiff, more than double the alimony received at the time of the divorce.

Johnny Depp was not present at the verdict reading because he is still in Great Britain where he played with Jeff Beck at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Source close to the plaintiff said: "Due to work commitments made before the trial, he will not physically be in court, but will log in to watch the outcome of the dispute from the UK."

So, after six weeks of trial and 13 hours of deliberations in the closed chamber, the jury made the final decision. Johnny Depp will also have to compensate Amber Heard albeit to a lesser extent than she will. In fact, the jurors awarded the actress a fee of $ 2 million for when her ex-husband's lawyer called her accusations a scam.