After his stepdaughter passed away, Oscar winner experienced a new tragedy in life

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After his stepdaughter passed away, Oscar winner experienced a new tragedy in life

Oscar-winner Sir Mark Rylance's brother was killed in a bicycle accident in California, ten years after his stepdaughter died during a flight in London. Wine expert Jonathan Waters, nicknamed ‘Jonno’ by friends and family for miles, was riding a bike in Oakland late at night when he was hit by an oncoming vehicle, inflicting severe head injuries.

Local firefighters who first arrived immediately helped him, but despite being rushed to hospital, the 60-year-old Waters died the very next morning. It is another horrific loss for the 62-year-old Oscar winner after one of his two stepdaughters died of a brain hemorrhage in 2012.

Nataasha van Kampen, a talented film director, was just 28 when she died on a flight from New York to London. Rylance starred in London’s West End Theater in the play ‘Jerusalem’ and theater visitors were told the actor would be absent for some time due to his brother’s death.

The performance had to be canceled

"In order to attend his funeral in California, I unfortunately have to miss three performances of Jerusalem over Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th June." "As I have no understudy to play the role Rooster Johnny Byron, sadly these performances have been cancelled."

He added: "Sonia Friedman Productions, together with Nimax, are arranging additional performances at the end of the scheduled run to try and accommodate everyone who will be affected." "I hope you understand my need to grieve my beloved brother and thank you for your support at this time.

I hope you will be able to attend another performance of Jerusalem." Recall, Sir Mark Rylance won an Oscar for his role as Soviet intelligence officer Rudolf Abel in the 2015 historical drama film Bridge of Spies.