Famous actor about his health: 'I was pretty close to death'

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Famous actor about his health: 'I was pretty close to death'

Namely, the actor contracted lymphoma, but fortunately the cancer is now in remission. And after fighting for his life with cancer, he was also crowned. - As far as cancer is concerned, things are going well, the disease is in remission.

But covid ... I went through chemotherapy for cancer and it destroyed my whole immune system, and then I got covid-19. That destroyed me. I was pretty close to death. Doctors kept telling me, "Jeff, you have to fight. You're not fighting," the actor said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight ahead of the premiere of the new series "The Old Man."

Bridges revealed in late 2020 that he had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and added that he had surrendered. - I was ready to go. I danced with my own mortality - he said. And severe chemotherapy weakened his immunity, so he says he had "nothing to fight" with.

Due to the pandemic and his health problems, the series was filmed for a long time and with huge breaks, but it finally saw the light of day.

He danced with his daughter at her wedding

"I imagine you that thought about your family a bunch?" Bridges said, "Oh yeah.

Dealing with problems, you know, what's right in front of you, and those turned out to be, well, that's life. That's the way, you know? That's what's in front of me. And isn't it beautiful?" This was particularly beautiful: Bridges made a pledge to dance with his daughter at her wedding.

"And when I started getting better, my goal was walking Haley down the wedding aisle. Not only did I get to walk her down, but we did a little wedding dance. And it was really, really terrific."