Deborah James replied to the fans: That medicine can’t help me

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Deborah James replied to the fans: That medicine can’t help me

Deborah James suffers from bowel cancer, and the disease is in its final stages. There are many messages from fans who sent her messages about a new drug that cures bowel cancer. Deborah James sent a message via Instagram:
“Massive breakthrough as cancer ‘disappears’ for all patients in drug trial”.

“Can we talk about headlines and hope! I cannot tell you how many people have kindly sent me this, [this] time [to] do with a Bowel cancer trial. “The drug is for a VERY specific subset of Bowel cancer peeps. Perhaps only 6% I think (don't [quote] that) have the right type of tumour.

And we already know who they are because they are the group where immunotherapy already is producing some really fab results (not like this and not for all). “The gene is MSI - most bowlies are MSS - and know therefore that it's just not for them......”.

- she said.

James' message

In another Instagram storry, she wrote: "For the 6% it offers an uplift of hope on the immunotherapy options that work well but not at this level. For the rest of us, we still have unmet needs."

“There are hundreds of clinical trials going on to try to get immunotherapy to work in the majority MSI Bowel cancer group. But no clear breakthroughs YET! However results like this will then open up trials onto the mainstream subset so that's positive!

“The @bowelbabefund plans to ensure that researchers can speed up the process in things like this. And that patients can trial things early. A headline like this is great. But personalised therapy for all is even better!”
Deborah James has managed to implement her initiative: She wants bowel cancer symptoms on toilet paper, and it seems that this will be achieved with the help of her friend Cara Hoofe.

"Congratulations Cara. I'm so pleased that you are talking about the hard work that you have put in, and what you have achieved. “I know we've both gone through bowel cancer and we've spoken so many times about getting signs and symptoms on loo roll but you finally did it and I am really really proud of you for doing that.