Shakira tailed Gerard Piqué, to discover his mistress!

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Shakira tailed Gerard Piqué, to discover his mistress!

Shakira allegedly had Gerard Piqué stalked by a private investigator to discover the soccer player's lover and therefore his betrayals. The pop star would thus have acquired the evidence of the ex-partner's relationship, suspicious of Piqué's behavior.

Shakira would also discover some messages addressed to her lover: among these there would be one in which he called her the first lady of her. The two former spouses are now facing a very delicate phase for the custody of children.

The nightlife of Piqué speaks of nights full of details. Spanish photographer Jordi Martin told the Socialité television program many details, such as the young Barcelona singer, Riqui Puig, who would have created a real nocturnal partnership with Piqué.

Barcelona, ​​the club where the Spanish defender plays, would have communicated to Piqué the end of their relationship: the footballer would no longer be part of the Spanish club's plans. But according to rumors coming from Spagno, Barcelona's motivations are not only too many injuries and too high a salary, but also the whole affair relating to the separation with Shakira.

Photographer Jordi Martin said: "Speaking of Piqué's parties, we have been following Gerard for 12 years and Piqué is very well known in Barcelona, ​​also for the parties he organizes. He is spending indecent sums in clubs and restaurants until the early hours of the morning.

. Piqué spends at least € 2,000 a night and goes around in the company of Riqui Puig." The telecinco broadcast told the details of the footballer's nightlife, who would seem to be a regular customer of the place where his new lover, the 20-year-old blonde girl, would work, where he would always arrive by taxi and would enter and exit through service entrances.

The famous Catalan newspaper El Periodico had already written the credits between Shakira and Piquè weeks ago, in the exclusive scoop signed by Emilio Pérez de Rozas and Laura Fa that thundered: "The couple is about to separate.

She caught him with a ' another woman. Even before the two formalized the breakup, the singer and the footballer had been living in different houses for a month. "