Alexa Bliss' Eminem rap performance during the concert!

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Alexa Bliss' Eminem rap performance during the concert!

Alexa Bliss amazes us again and during the Powell Festival, alongside her musician husband Ryan Cabrera, she performs singing the song Lose Yourself by Eminem. Obviously she is not super in tune and perfect, but we know very well that rapping is absolutely not easy, especially on an Eminem song which is very fast and it must be said that the wrestler did well and it shows that she had fun.

Plus, Bliss herself also shared a closer video of the performance: "Lexi, what happens when you've had some tequila ?? ... apparently this one - with a bit of freestyle at the end. Clearly not. you can trust me."

Twitter user Chadefletcher18 also shared the video of the performance that we leave you below so you can enjoy this show too:

Latest on Alexa

As we know Alexa Bliss got engaged in November 2020 with the musician Ryan Cabrera and the two got married on April 9 at Kempa Villa in Palm Desert, California, in a wedding out of any convention, told to People exclusively.

Speaking about her marriage and how it affected her career when interviewed on WWE The Bump a few weeks ago, Alexa revealed that she is trying to find the right work-life balance, even though it seems she is there for now.

succeeded well. Alexa explained: "I think it's more about establishing a work-life balance because you have to make relationships work. Before I met Ryan, I was practically married to WWE because we are on the road so often and I don't think the people really understand how busy our schedules really are.

I mean, just for example, I took my fifth flight today in three days. So, for me now, I definitely need to find that time to create that work-life balance. " The two seem really happy and Alexa is back in WWE with a different light in her eyes and an immense desire to do great, which we hope will lead her to do great things, such as winning the Money In The Bank Ladder Match soon.