Michael Schumacher's wife in public after being accused of spreading lies

Michael Schumacher's wife Corinna Schumacher accepted the award on Michael's behalf and cried at Jean Todt's words about her husband.

by Faruk Imamovic
Michael Schumacher's wife in public after being accused of spreading lies

Corinna Schumacher, Michael Schumacher's wife, rarely appears in public, and now she attended the ceremony where her husband received the highest civilian honor from the country in which he was born. In the city of Cologne, the Motorworld ceremony was held, where Michael received the award of the province of North Rhine-Westphalia for his humanitarian involvement, and Corinna, who came with their daughter Gina, took the award instead.

Corinna was particularly affected by the speech of Jean Todt, the former driver and former first man of Ferrari, for whom Michael drove the formula, because Todt spoke as if Michael had passed away, so Corinna cried a lot at that.

Jean then told her that she should cry because it's not healthy to hold back tears, and many misunderstood that. "We were an unbeatable team. Michael loved his job and the team loved working for him. We miss you... Michael has a wonderful family, his wife Corinna is a strong woman...'

' he said. German sports journalist Kai Ebel, who particularly followed Formula 1, attended the ceremony. "I'm not a fan of red carpets, but this is an important event. It was time for him to receive an award, he won all sports, but this one is political.

Although he has been absent from Formula 1 for many years, I am asked every day if I have heard anything about him. This shows how important he is to us and how much he means to us,'' he said. This is exactly what interests many who were shocked by the tragedy that happened to Michael in December 2013.

Schumacher's former manager Willi Weber is fighting with his wife and accused her of lying about Michael's condition for nine years. "I tried to contact his wife a hundred times, but she didn't answer. I called Jean Todt to ask him if I should go to the hospital, but he told me it was too early.

I called the next day but no one answered and I'm still mad about it. They tried to remove me and kept telling me it was too early, but now it's too late. Nine years have passed,'' he began. ''I can understand the situation as I always did everything to protect his private life.

But since then I just listen to lies from them. He was like a son to me. Even today, it hurts me when I have to talk about it,'' he concluded.

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