Roman Kemp releases a book after his friend's suicide

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Roman Kemp releases a book after his friend's suicide

Roman Kemp decided to make a brave move after experiencing great pain after his friend's suicide. Namely, Kemp decided to release a book under the name Are You Really OK? There will be a big emphasis on mental health, more precisely depression and suicide, cases of which there are more and more.

"I never intended to write a book at this age, I thought it was something I could perhaps do later in life. But then, in the pandemic, my best mate Joe took his own life and it turned my whole world upside down."

The death of his friend influenced him to start investigating certain things and he was shocked by what he found out. "Losing Joe made me start researching how many young men take their own lives every year. And the answers shocked me.

Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 40 in this country."

Kemp on the life

Kemp emphasized that things in life can never be perfect. Throughout life, we have ups and downs, but life is worth fighting for.

His goal with his book is to save someone and point out the importance of mental health. "So I decided I would share my story. If me opening up saves someone from taking their own life, it’s worth it. I promise it’s not all heavy going or doom and gloom...

there will be a few moments that make you laugh along the way. He also wishes that many people decide to do the same, that is, to show their emotions, to communicate about mental health, and not to be afraid to talk openly about everything.

"I just hope that by talking openly and honestly about my life, other young guys like me, guys like the ones you might know, and live with and love, might realise it’s OK to speak out about how they really feel."