Soccer player skips his wedding for a Malmö match!

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Soccer player skips his wedding for a Malmö match!

A few years ago Mohamed Buya Turay, new soccer player of Malmo, said that his foot injury was the result of a black magic suffered during a match in Sierra Leone, which came after winning the top scorer in Sweden in 2019.

He said: "My local doctor told me that the cause of the toe injury was because I stepped on a spiritual object in the Sierra Leone training camp; an object placed there for me by a person who wanted me to take. elephantiasis, thus destroying my career.

He also told me that if I went to the hospital for treatment or used conventional medicine to try to cure the big toe, it would end my career." Mohamed Buya Turay is a striker, the classic first striker who can also play in an external left position.

During his career he has worn many jerseys: Juventus IF, Västerås SK, AFC United, AFC Eskilstuna, Dalkurd, Sint-Truiden, Djurgården, Hebei CFFC, Henan S.L and Malmö FF. Now the soccer player is back in the spotlight for an amazing new story.

What happened

The incredible story comes from Sweden and involves soccer club Malmö, one of the first clubs with which the legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic played. The story stars Sierra Leone center forward Mohamed Buya Turay, a soccer player bought in July by Chinese club Henan Songshan Longmen.

Buya Turay would have skipped, according to local media, her wedding and would have sent her brother to the ceremony instead of him! Later it was the footballer himself who confirmed everything during an interview with Aftonbladet.

He said: "We got married on July 21st in Sierra Leone, but I wasn't there, because Malmö asked me to join the team as soon as possible. We took the photos in advance, so it looked like I was there, but I wasn't actually there.

My brother represented me at the wedding. I will try to get my wife to come to Sweden, in Malmö, so that we can be closer. She will live here with me."