Princess Diana's former bodyguard on her personality and moments with her

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Princess Diana's former bodyguard on her personality and moments with her

Princess Diana was a favorite person in the world and remains to this day. Many recounted events with her. They talked about the beauty of her soul, the empathy and love she had for everyone. The princess's former bodyguard, Ken Wharfe, spoke about Diana in an interview for OK, and one of the topics was "What would Diana do if she were alive?" "I think she’d have been an amazing broker, trying to reunite her two sons.

But I don’t think it would have got this far had she been alive. She’d have been a great influence, particularly in Harry and Meghan’s relationship, and her sons’ relationship as two brothers. Diana understood where Harry was, and she’d have been pleased and proud of both their relationships [with Meghan and Kate]."

Ken Wharfe on Harry

Would Harry go to America if she was there? "She might well have said, “Well, if this is what you want, fine. But let’s think about it first and foremost. I think what Harry was lacking was a true family ally.

It seems to me that he was quite impetuous about wanting to leave and needed some advice. Diana wou ld have been of great value to him because she would have understood the situation. But equally, she would have realised that upping and leaving the country might not have been the best decision at the time.

What he wanted was someone he could totally trust. Diana would have been his best friend. More so than anybody, he missed the advice and love of his mother. She would have been a consoling and supportive influence." OK journalists emphasized that Harry was more connected to his mother and that he was much more affected by his mother's death.

"If you look back to the day of Diana’s funeral, Harry was 13. He was probably told he would walk the last mile with his brother, his father, his uncle and the Duke of Edinburgh. None of us can really say what the psychological impact of that was, is likely to be or has been in his life.

As a child he was incredibly popular and likeable – as William was, I’m not putting him above his brother. William in some sense was rather jealous of Harry because he was very popular, he was very funny and people liked him.

But that’s normal, that’s what happens in families." Her former bodyguard also remembered his first meeting with her. "I was nervous about meeting a member of the royal family, but Diana made that experience completely the opposite.

When I met her at Sandringham, in Norfolk, William and Harry were there. William was attempting to play the piano and Harry was being a pest and she said to me, “I don’t envy you doing this, Ken, looking after my children.

They can be a bloody nuisance”. I sensed that real sense of normalcy. I thought this woman could be a friend you knew, there wasn’t this division. That was part of her magic, the way she embraced people." He also remembered some of the most beautiful memories he had with her.

"There are so many memories. I was in a very privileged position, to travel with someone like Diana, visiting places that very few people in their life get to see. I went to Majorca with her and Charles and the children in the 80s, to stay with the Queen of Spain.

One evening, she said to me, “You’ll never guess what Ken, I’m going to see José Carreras in Barcelona and the Queen’s asked me if you’d like to come with us as I know you like music”.

And before we went, we saw Montserrat Caballé in a hilltop village just outside. It was fantastic. On another occasion, we’d seen Pavarotti in Verona but seconds into the concert there was a thunderstorm and it was cancelled.

Diana said, “Ken, can we go to Venice?” I didn’t even know where Venice was. Two hours later we were there. We had a ride on this boat with some croissants, and my colleague conjured up a bottle of wine from somewhere. We were in the middle of Venice and not one single member of the world’s media knew. That was extraordinary.