Storm and clouds: when rumors saw a crisis between Djokovic and Jelena

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Storm and clouds: when rumors saw a crisis between Djokovic and Jelena
Storm and clouds: when rumors saw a crisis between Djokovic and Jelena

As we all know, Novak Djokovic will not be able to play the US Open 2022 due to the entry ban imposed by the US government authorities on those who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19. Since the onset of the virus, Nole has experienced some problems on the court, such as the ban even from the Australian Open, while his private life is happy and joyful, thanks to his wife Jelena and their children.

However, years ago many media, especially Europeans, spoke of a crisis between the two spouses. It was 2017 when rumors put Novak Djokovic's marriage with jelena in crisis. Chef Lauren Von Der Pool gave diet advice to Novak Djokovic when they met.

Lauren, who has been in charge of Academy Awards and Grammy awards, appears to have been spotted with her arms wrapped around the Serb at a black tie party.
At the time Djokovic had his wife Jelena expecting their second child.

According many rumors, especially from Europe, Djokovic admitted that private problems had hit him since he won the French Open in 2016 Chef Lauren, who cooked for tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, was first photographed with Djokovic at a ball in Perth, Australia in 2012.

Djokovic and Jelena had also been caught by the media arguing at the material time, mistakenly thinking that their live broadcast on Facebook was over. Years have passed since those days, the couple formed by Nole and Jelena lives a true and true love.

The rumors of many European media are just a memory and the couple is traveling at full speed, with a flat family of support and love. Nole said of his wife Jelena in 2019: "My wife has been my girlfriend for a long time since she was 18 years of age, she played tennis for fun and we started dating.

We knew each other for 4-5 years before we were together, she went to Italy to study and more or less at the same time I am in Monte Carlo to follow my coach and I started to adopt Monte Carlo as my training base. Milan is close to Monte Carlo so he often used to come here.

She finished her studies, clearly had so many opportunities for her career but sacrificed them to live my career and dreams in order to keep the relationship alive, so I'm grateful to her for what she has done with her. I still continue to learn from her today.

Thanks to her I started doing yoga when she was still studying. She is a great reader, she likes to read anything and everything, she also likes to write. I remember when I was little I learned to write from my parents and my tennis teacher, but then I didn't do it for a long time and she got me used to it again.

For yoga, she learned it because she was very stressed during her studies, obviously she was on free every day, student life is not easy so she was looking for ways to relax and have energy. She didn't drink coffee or anything like that."


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