Argentinian girls queued a month earlier for Justin Bieber's concert!

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Argentinian girls queued a month earlier for Justin Bieber's concert!
Argentinian girls queued a month earlier for Justin Bieber's concert!

Justin Bieber's double concert in Argentina will take place on 10 and 11 September. Several dozen girls have lined up, with tents and all the necessary, outside the stadium where there will be the double concert already a month before!

After the facial paralysis that hit him in mid-July, Bieber decided to confirm his commitments by reassuring all fans who had already purchased tickets. Several girls set up on the street to brave the cold and winter of La Plata by day and by night, were filmed outside the plant as early as August 8.

As mentioned, the concert will be held on 10 and 11 September at the Estadio Unico de la Plata in Buenos Aires: and it is precisely here that the most avid fans have already begun to lurk with the tents outside the stadium.

In this period in Buenos Aires the temperatures during the night drop below 10 degrees, but for the moment the very young Beliebers are trying to resist. Bieber returns to perform a concert in Argentina for the first time in 9 years, since there was a sensational legal problem.

In fact, the 28-year-old Canadian singer ran into legal trouble after a photographer's complaint, who accused Bieber's bodyguards of assaulting him. For this reason, the Purpose World Tour which took place between 2016 and 2017 did not stop in the South American country.

What happened this Summer

Hailey Bieber is back to talk about the problems that her husband Juston Bieber has had in the last period.

She told it in an interview with Good Morning America. Since her husband told on Instagram that he is suffering from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Justin and Hiley have been married since 2018 but have always been friends, so they have an already consolidated bond of complicity with a long history behind them.

Hailey explained: "He is feeling so much better it's a really terrifying and unpredictable time but he will be fine and recover. As for health I try to look on the bright side and that is that this is getting us so close. We are going through it together, we are close.

to each other and we support each other. Living such a thing strengthens relationships. Going through all of this in plain sight somehow forces you to react and demonstrate clarity so that people understand what you are going through.

Indeed I believe that talking about it has triggered many social debates.


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