Victoria Beckham in 'cold war' with the wife of the son Brooklyn?

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Victoria Beckham in 'cold war' with the wife of the son Brooklyn?
Victoria Beckham in 'cold war' with the wife of the son Brooklyn?

Victoria Beckham has a new daughter-in-law, Nicola Peltz, who last April was the wife of her son Brooklyn. According to the British media, the two women can't stand each other. On the eve of the wedding in Palm Beach of Brooklyn with the heiress, a sort of war between the two would have started, made up of intrigues and jealousies.

An unnamed source close to former footballer David Beckham's family said: "They can't stand each other and they don't talk to each other. The wedding preparations were horrible. Peltz didn't want the bulky future mother-in-law to have any part in the preparations, with the well-founded fear that she might steal the show on the most beautiful day.

Between them communication was reduced to a minimum." Nicola is the daughter of billionaire Nelson Peltz who has a fortune estimated by Forbes of $ 1.6 billion. The two women can't stand each other so much that David and Victoria, who now live in Miami, would have reduced contacts even with their son Brooklyn.

Brooklyn himself, according to the British Tatler, would have defined his wife as The New Mrs. Beckham, with Posh Spice furious.

Posh Spice Victoria Beckham's highlighs

She became known worldwide in 1996, the year of the debut of the Spice Girls, the British musical group of which she was part and which sold, in the second half of the nineties, millions of records all over the world, marking the collective imagination and opening the way to success for girl bands.

After the end of the group's activities in 2001, he continued his musical career as a soloist for a few years by releasing an album, Victoria Beckham, and launching several pop and dance singles, such as A Mind of Its Own, Not Such an Innocent Girl, Out of Your Mind, Let Your Head Go and This Groove.

In her musical career she has sold 86.7 million records, 85 million as a member of the group, and 1.7 million as a solo artist, 100,000 albums and 1.6 million singles. She left her musical career behind, she started a second one in the world of fashion.

The turning point was a success: in ten years Victoria Beckham has become one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in world fashion. She was named Designer Brand of the Year at the prestigious British Fashion Awards in 2011 and, in 2017, received an OBE from Queen Elizabeth II for her contribution to the fashion industry and for her humanitarian engagement with Unicef ​​and Red Cross.