New photos of Tom Hanks worried fans, he looks thin and exhausted

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New photos of Tom Hanks worried fans, he looks thin and exhausted

New photos of Tom Hanks worried fans. The actor was filmed while he was walking with his wife Rita Wilson, but he looked pretty bad. The couple was walking in Malibu when the paparazzi spotted them. Tom was dressed in a white polo shirt and shorts, while Rita was in a dark blue shirt and black skirt.

The actor attracted a lot of attention with his latest photos because he is visibly thinner. The reason for Hanks' new look is unknown. Therefore, fans are wondering if the actor has health problems or has lost weight because of the new role.

On Twitter, fans reacted strongly to the photos. Filled with concern for the darling actor of the Americans, many of them asked what was going on.

  • “I hope he is well, he is my favorite actor”, wrote a fan on Twitter.

  • “I love Tom Hanks, I saw him recently in a movie, I found him very thin, I hope he is well” worries another person on the platform.
  • "Dear god how thin Tom Hanks looks?!" are just some of the comments fans posted.
In 2020, Rita and Tom became ill with covid-19 and publicly announced how this disease damaged their bodies.

Tom was also in the hospital for a while.

Tom Hanks has type II diabetes

Tom Hanks had already declared that he had type II diabetes. A disease he contracted, he regrets, because of an unhealthy lifestyle. “I am part of the lazy American generation who blindly continued to enjoy the party and now find themselves with an illness.

(…) I was a total idiot” regretted Tom Hanks at the microphone of Radio Times. "I was heavy. You've seen me in movies, you know what I looked like. I was a total idiot. I thought I could avoid it by removing the buns from my cheeseburgers," he admitted.

I watch what I eat to a point of boredom. Every now and again I cheat to the point of self-loathing. That’s it. So after that, have some coffee, read the paper. Get up, get the workout out of the way, take a shower," he added.

The couple has been married since 1988, making them one of the longest-lived Hollywood couples. Their marriage was never the subject of gossip or scandal. They have two children, and Tom has two more children from his first marriage to Samantha Lewes.