Queen Elizabeth II death: messages of condolence from Federer and Nadal

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Queen Elizabeth II death: messages of condolence from Federer and Nadal

Yesterday came the news of the death at 96 of HM Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of the other realms of the Commonwealth. After hours of rumors and rumors about the condition of the woman it was the British Royal Family, through an announcement on the official social channels to give the news: "The queen died peacefully in Balmoral this afternoon."

Before her death, family members from all over the world came to Balmoral to say goodbye to the elderly woman and announcements from all over the world arrived in the evening. Even the world of sport has been touched by this story (a 10-day national mourning will be held in Great Britain) and in tennis too, messages of condolence have arrived from all over the world.

Federer and Nadal's messages for the queen

Through the prior social channels, the tennis legend Roger Federer wrote his last farewell to Queen Elizabeth, a character he had met on several occasions at Wimbledon. The Swiss left the following message: "I am deeply saddened by the death of her majesty, the Queen.

Her elegance, her grace and her loyalty will live on in history." The tennis player has not forgotten the whole family and wrote: "I would like to send this message and these condolences to all the royal family and all citizens of Great Britain."

Not only Federer, but also Rafael Nadal wanted to express his condolences for what represent a big loss for all British and non-British inhabitants. The Majorcan champion, who returned home after his defeat at the US Open, wrote: "My most respectful, sincere and heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and to the whole British world in general for the loss.

of her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II." Not only Federer and Nadal, but also other tennis players (such as Matteo Berrettini) have expressed their condolences. Today HM the King Charles III has ascended the throne. Here are the social messages of the two champions: