William, Kate, Harry and Meghan after a long time together in public

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William, Kate, Harry and Meghan after a long time together in public
William, Kate, Harry and Meghan after a long time together in public

Princes William and Harry with their wives Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle came together yesterday in front of Windsor Castle and received expressions of condolences. Upon their exit from the castle, the gathered people observed a minute of silence to show their respect for the queen, and then greeted them with applause.

Wives in black

Kate and Meghan wore black for this occasion and walked with their spouses among the people, shook hands with people, and received expressions of condolences. “My grandmother was famous for saying that sadness is the price we pay for love,” the prince said in an emotional statement.

“All the sadness we will feel in the coming weeks will be a testament to the love we felt for our extraordinary queen. I will honor her memory by supporting my father, the King, in every way I can,” the prince added.

This is the first joint appearance of princes with their wives after a long time. Although Harry and Meghan attended the Queen's platinum jubilee celebrations this summer, they stayed away and were not photographed with William and Kate.

Charles reportedly asked Harry not to take Meghan to Balmoral

As a reminder, Meghan did not join Harry when he went to say goodbye to his grandmother at Balmoral. Allegedly, it was requested of him by the newly proclaimed King Charles III.

A source said: “Charles told Harry that it wasn’t right or appropriate for Meghan to be in Balmoral at such a deeply sad time.
“It was pointed out to him that Kate was not going and that the numbers really should be limited to the very closest family.

Charles made it very, very clear Meghan would not be welcome”.

The king mentioned Harry and Meghan in his speech

Charles extended a hand of reconciliation to Harry and Meghan in an address to the nation after his mother's death.

"I want to also express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives overseas," Charles said after acknowledging William's title. Harry and Meghan have had a strained relationship with the royal family since stepping down as senior royals in January 2020.

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021, Prince Harry revealed that there was a point when his father stopped answering his calls.

Meghan Markle

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