Robbie Williams on the mental health struggles of 'Take That' members

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Robbie Williams on the mental health struggles of 'Take That' members

The life of a celebrity involves many struggles. When you are exposed so much in public and when your every step is followed, then consequences come with it. Many have problems with mental health and stress. Robbie Williams reflected on Take That (Musician band) and his time in the band.

Many members of the band had problems with 'popularity': "Look at Take That. Mark Owen's been to rehab and had his struggles, Gary [Barlow] has talked about his Bulimia and his agoraphobia and what happened straight after Take That."

- he said, as quoted by Things were so difficult that one of the band members even tried to commit suicide. He continued: "Howard [Donald] talked about wanting to commit suicide after Take That ended and Jason [Orange] just can't be in the band because he can't deal with it because it's too much.

And then there's me. No one understood the seriousness of the problems that existed. So that's what really happened."

One Direction

Robbie Williams also commented on the current situation regarding One Direction.

According to many rumors, the band members have similar problems just like Williams and his crew. He wished them all the best in their careers and great success. "Time will tell. It's still pretty much early days even though the band have been split up for a while.

I wish them love and I wish them safety. They're all good boys." - Williams concluded. Robbie Williams is celebrating 25 years on the scene and in an interview with the BBC he recalled moments in his career; "My big feeling is, my best years professionally could have been from when I was 16 to 21 when I was in Take That.

"I know how brittle my ego is and I know how fragile I am as a human being and to be a has been… or whatever it was that would have happened to me after Take That, I'm incredibly grateful that the ship still goes forward.

That’s it. "In short, I’m incredibly grateful, that’s what the anniversary has done for me."