"Shakira in love with Iker Casillas?" super gossip from Spain

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"Shakira in love with Iker Casillas?" super gossip from Spain

"This is the darkest hour I have ever experienced, my children do not deserve to feel observed or watched every second, photographed at the exit of the school or followed by the paparazzi. They deserve a normal life.

It was incredibly difficult. It's hard to talk about especially because I'm still going through it, because they're in the public eye, and because our separation isn't like regular separation. One of the two had to make that effort and that sacrifice.

And I did. I put my career in second gear and came to Spain so that I could play football and win titles. And it was a sacrifice of love. We women have this resilience that is innate in all of us." These were the words of Shakira: the Colombian pop star is facing a difficult separation with the Barcelona star Gerard Piqué.

Incredible rumors have been released in these days, such as the alleged love story between Shakira and Rafael Nadal, or between Piqué and Bar Rafaeli, and not only. Now, according to reports from the Spanish program Socialité, another soccer player would be at the center of the gossip with the Colombian pop-star and Iker Casillas, former goalkeeper of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team who, with Piqué, won the World Cup in the 2010.

Casillas would have started following Shakira on Instagram. The two have known each other for some time, so why only now would he have chosen to become a follower of the pop star? The 41-year-old ended his love affair with Sara Carbonero in 2021.

We recall the divorce between Shakira and Gerard Piqué would present a new third wheel: a very famous model with whom the Barcelona soccer player would have betrayed the Colombian pop star. It would be Bar Refaeli. The soccer player and the model would have dated in 2012, when Piqué was already engaged to Shakira.

The news comes from Spain, from the paparazzo Jordi Martin, who had already put the alleged love story between Shakira and Rafael Nadal in the spotlight.