Rhea Ripley attacks haters that affect her fashion look

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Rhea Ripley attacks haters that affect her fashion look

The world of web wrestling, just like that of the internet in general, is full of haters, that is, all those characters who, hiding behind a computer monitor, tablet or smartphone, go pundit and arrogant people with anyone who comes within range, just because they want to do it and feel authorized.

Many times, especially in recent years, even the WWE Superstars have had to defend themselves from some attack, more or less aggressive, with various athletes who have also received the help of some colleague, to blast the idiot on duty.

Recall that similar behaviors also led to the tragedy of Hana Kimura, a Japanese athlete of just 22 years, who after months of insults and teasing online could no longer hold up and decided to take her own life, committing suicide.

These behaviors, in fact, are always to be condemned, whether the target is a person unknown to most people, or whether the target is a famous person, such as a WWE Superstar, with the athletes of the McMahon family who are unfortunately a very easy target, having a worldwide reputation and entering the homes of millions of fans every week.

Rhea Ripley attacks haters that affect her fashion look

In her latest interview with FOX Sports Australia, the former NXT and Monday Night Raw champion, as well as current Judgment Day member Rhea Ripley, wanted to silence once and for all, all those fans who have always criticized for the way she dressed or the hair she wore, with the athlete shooting zero on everyone.

In her speech, Rhea in fact stated: "This whole thing is that women think they should only wear long hair. I hate this stereotype. I hate when men say grow your hair. No. This is my body, this is my decision. I do what the hell I want with my body and you can't tell me what to do because I love myself. I don't care if you don't love me!"

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