Paris Hilton claims to have been physically and se*ually abused at school

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Paris Hilton claims to have been physically and se*ually abused at school

Paris Hilton claims she was se*ually abused when she was 16. She alleged that employees at the Provo Canyon School in Utah forcibly performed cervical examinations. Paris Hilton has claimed staff members at her school would forcefully “perform cervical exams” on her and other female students.

“Very late at night, this would be around like 3 or 4 in the morning, they would take myself and other girls into this room and they would perform medical exams,” Hilton, 41, claimed in a New York Times article.

She further stated that the examinations were not published by doctors, but by "members of the staff who ordered them to lie down on the table and then pushed their fingers into them". “But it’s coming back all the time now, and I think about it.

And now, looking back as an adult, that was definitely se*ual abuse”.

She also detailed her horrifying experience on Twitter

“I cried while they held me down & said, ‘No!’. They just said, ‘Shut up.

Be quiet. Stop struggling or you’ll go to Obs,’” Hilton wrote, adding: “It’s important to open up about these painful moments so I can heal & help put an end to this abuse”. “I knew it was going to be worse than anywhere else,” Paris said of the school, adding: “It was supposed to be a school, but [classes] were not the focus at all.

From the moment I woke up until I went to bed, it was all day screaming in my face, yelling at me, continuous torture. I was having panic attacks and crying every single day,” she added. “I was just so miserable. I felt like a prisoner and I hated life”.

“I was so grateful to be out of there, I didn’t even want to bring it up again. It was just something I was ashamed of and I didn’t want to speak of it”. The administration of the mentioned school has not yet announced itself.

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