Sasha Banks, here's what can happen in the future

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Sasha Banks, here's what can happen in the future

Sasha Banks and Naomi have not appeared on WWE television since May 13, when the two had a match on Friday Night SmackDown where they defeated Natalya and Shayna Baszler. After appearing that same weekend during a couple of live events, the two decided not to show up on Monday Night Raw on May 16, taking and leaving backstage after arguing with the upper floors.

Theoretically, the two of them were expected to participate in a match with multiple wrestlers to decree the number one contender for the Raw title held by Bianca Belair, but Sasha and Naomi, who were the couple champions at the time, felt little respected because such, so they refused to perform, abandoning the show and forcing the company to rewrite the card.

After this act, the various versions of the incident began to circulate on the web and the two protagonists literally disappeared from social networks before popping up after some time, mainly to promote their appearances outside the Stamford company and the various partnerships.

Sasha Banks wants a private plane for her travels

Although the athlete is no longer under contract with the McMahon family, or at least this is what has resulted from the latest rumors regarding the agreement between the two parties, which ended up in the hands of the lawyers of both factions, Sasha Banks does not stops going around the world.

In the last few days, in fact, Sasha had been spotted in the rings of an independent Spanish company, while she was training with the Barcelona crew, which was also joined by the other former WWE, Kalisto. Despite her numerous trips, Sasha Banks would get tired of waiting numerous hours at the gate, so she would joke on her personal Instagram page, saying that within the next year she would like to have a private jet.

There are athletes who dream of the world title, athletes who dream of WWE and those who have already had it all, apparently dream of making millions of dollars, enough to afford their own personal jet, such as Hollywood superstars or presidents of nations.

Let's see the image of the story that emerged in the past few hours:

Sasha Banks