Could Royal Rumble 2023 smash all WWE records?

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Could Royal Rumble 2023 smash all WWE records?

Vince Mcmahon left WWE in late July announcing his retirement on Twitter. Stephanie and Nick Khan took over from Vince as co-CEO, while Triple H became the new head of the creative team. The advent of The Game has given a shock to the whole environment and it is no secret that you breathe a totally new and fresh air in the backstage.

In addition to transferring some of NXT's talents to the main roster, the 14-time world champion has fostered the return to the company of several stars who had been released during the pandemic. Fans are enthusiastic about the product again and the first feedback begins to arrive.

According to reports from the well-known Fightful Select, the Royal Rumble 2023 is set to break the ticket sales record set by the company in 2017. The edition of five years ago was also held at the Alamodome in San Antonio, in Texas, but it looks like with the new year things will get even bigger, at least in terms of numbers, already at almost unprecedented levels of sales in all of WWE history.

The Royal Rumble 2023: the most sold in WWE history?

To echo the words of the well-known site Fightful, Dave Meltzer arrived in the last hours, to the microphones of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, with the well-known journalist who wanted to make a detailed analysis of the Royal Rumble, specifically that of next year, which will go on stage in just about three months.

At the moment, in fact, the Rumble of 2023 has already reached the second maximum sales threshold in history and still has several weeks of planning ahead to still sell tickets and presales. In his daily newsletter, Meltzer stated: "Rumble has already sold $ 4.6 million in presales, which is the second highest sale in history, and which still turns out to be the highest grossing at this stage of the year in history for Rumble.

It is currently in second place in all Rumble history and they still have three months to sell tickets, so it will definitely be the biggest event ever." Not having even started the advertising and the big bandwagon of the WWE promotion, it therefore seems clear how the Royal Rumble of 2023 will reach never-before-seen boundaries of revenues for the WWE, with the Rumble that even before being advertised on TV and locally , has almost sold all of his live tickets.

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