The beautiful Morgan Riddle behind the success of Taylor Fritz

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The beautiful Morgan Riddle behind the success of Taylor Fritz

This tennis year we saw the definitive quality leap of Taylor Fritz, who has always been considered a very promising tennis player and this year the winner of a Masters 1000, the home one won in the final over Rafael Nadal (bruised in that match).

In this season Fritz has had many satisfactions, he conquered the Top Ten and played the ATP Finals, a tournament where he also reached the semifinals of the tournament. Then Taylor surrendered to an extraordinary Novak Djokovic, ruler of the final phase of the season.

The tennis player's numbers are growing and Fritz seems to be convincing on almost all surfaces. In addition to Fritz, this year we have seen several exploits by American tennis players, just think recently of the semifinal in New York of Frances Tiafoe, the authentic protagonist of a great tournament and who came out only in the semifinal against the then tournament champion Carlos Alcaraz, current number one in the world.

So, 2022 has seen the tennis renaissance of the United States of America. In recent years with John Isner and other players there had been an inkling of a recovery but they had appeared as strenuous coincidences, especially in the era of the Big Three.

The beautiful Morgan Riddle behind the success of Taylor Fritz

One of Taylor Fritz's secrets is undoubtedly her gorgeous girlfriend Morgan Riddle. The girl, born in 1997, is one of the most beautiful wags on the Tennis Tour and several times this season the girl has not gone unnoticed.

Just think of the followers gained this season: several times during the challenges the cameraman framed the beautiful Morgan, undoubtedly a girl who does not go unnoticed. Morgan Riddle is an influencer, star of TikTok and Instagram where she has over 100 thousand followers.

The story of the engagement between the two very young people who met on a dating app during the Covid period is curious. From that moment they have become inseparable and Fritz is enjoying one of the most beautiful wonders of the Tour.

Probably one of Fritz's secrets who is now ready to leave for a 2023 as a protagonist. Let's see some of the shots of the splendid Taylor: