Shakira and Pique struggle to find resolution over holiday custody arrangements


Shakira and Pique struggle to find resolution over holiday custody arrangements
Shakira and Pique struggle to find resolution over holiday custody arrangements

It appears that former partners Shakira and Gerard Pique are experiencing disagreement over holiday plans for their two children, according to 'Mamarazzis' The pair had previously agreed that Shakira would spend Christmas with the children and Pique would have them during the New Year celebration, but new issues have arisen.

Shakira wishes to travel to Miami as soon as possible with the children, while Pique wants them to stay in Barcelona and participate in local holiday traditions. The singer's desire to travel to Miami is reportedly due to the fact that the traditional celebration of the Three Kings, a holiday similar to Christmas, is not as prominent in the US as it is in Spain.

Pique, on the other hand, considers the celebration to be an important part of the children's holiday traditions and wants them to experience it in Barcelona.

Shakira and Gerard Pique

The agreement between the two stated that Shakira would travel to Miami after Christmas, but the singer wants to expedite the trip so the children can be on time for the start of the school year in the US, where vacations are shorter.

Pique, however, hopes that Shakira will delay the trip to allow the children to celebrate the Three Kings in Barcelona before beginning their school duties. Lawyers for the former couple are currently negotiating a resolution to the disagreement.

In the meantime, Shakira made a public appeal to media outlets to stop speculating about her personal life and relationship status. “Out of respect for my children and the vulnerable moment they are going through, I ask the media to stop the speculation.

I have no partner and no illusion other than to dedicate myself entirely to my children and their well-being,” the statement reads. In recent weeks, Shakira was seen with a 25-year-old surfing instructor, leading to speculation that he was her new partner.

However, this has been denied. Shakira and Pique recently ratified a custody agreement for their children, who will live with their mother in the US and have the ability to visit their father whenever they wish.

Shakira Gerard Pique

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