Suspect Confesses to Pathological Hate of Foreigners in Connection to Paris Shooting

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Suspect Confesses to Pathological Hate of Foreigners in Connection to Paris Shooting

A 69-year-old French man has confessed to pathologically hating foreigners and wanting to kill migrants or foreigners since a burglary six years ago, according to the Paris public prosecutor's office. The man was arrested after a shooting at a Kurdish cultural center in Paris on Friday, which resulted in three deaths and three injuries.

The public prosecutor's office has opened investigations into premeditated murder and aggravated assault and is considering a racist motive for the attack. The suspect allegedly opened fire on the Kurdish center, a nearby restaurant, and a hair salon, with all the victims being Kurdish activists, according to the Kurdish Democratic Council in France (CDK-F).

One victim is French and five have Turkish citizenship. The alleged perpetrator was overpowered and disarmed by one of the people he attacked, and was subsequently taken to the psychiatric ward due to his mental condition. William M., a retired train driver, has confessed to police that he has had a pathological hatred of foreigners since his home was burgled in 2016, according to the office of the Paris prosecutor.

William, who was described as "depressed" and "suicidal," specifically resented the Kurdish community because Kurdish militiamen had "taken prisoners during their fight against Islamic State instead of killing them," the prosecutors stated.

The attack and the suspect's confession have raised concerns about hate crimes and the safety of the Kurdish community in Paris. The Kurdish community has a significant presence in France, with many individuals seeking asylum due to persecution in their home countries.

The shooting has caused outrage and grief among the community, leading to protests in Paris and calls for increased protection. After the shooting, clashes broke out between the police and members of the Kurdish community in Paris, which subsided on Saturday evening.

Berivan Firat, spokeswoman for the CDK-F, stated that "we are not protected at all. In ten years, six Kurdish activists were killed in the heart of Paris in broad daylight," and that the protest turned violent after some protesters were provoked by people waving the Turkish flag from their cars.

The shooting and subsequent unrest have highlighted the need for improved protection for the Kurdish community in France. The CDK-F has called for the French government to take more action to ensure the safety of Kurdish activists and to address the issue of hate crimes in the country.

The attack also raises questions about the root causes of hate and how to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.