Georgina Rodriguez Treats Cristiano Ronaldo to a New Car for Christmas

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Georgina Rodriguez Treats Cristiano Ronaldo to a New Car for Christmas

Ronaldo was seen in a happy and cheerful mood as he and his family celebrated Christmas. Georgina Rodriguez bought Cristiano Ronaldo a new car for Christmas, delighting the soccer star. Ronaldo, who is currently without a team after leaving Manchester United, was able to spend the holiday at home with his family.

In the previous months, things did not go nearly as well for Ronaldo as he had expected, because after terminating his contract with United, he also experienced a fiasco at the World Cup with the Portuguese national team.

It is clear that it is not easy for Ronaldo because he had no idea that he would go through such things at the end of his career, but he said not to give up and should soon announce where he will continue his career. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Georgina decided to cheer him up for Christmas with a gift that she spent a lot of money on, but managed to put a smile on Ronald's face.

Georgina posted a video on Instagram yesterday showing that she bought Ronaldo a new car, and Cristiano thanked her for that via a story on that social network.

Debate Over Who Paid for the Gift

She decided to buy Ronaldo a new Rolls Royce Phantom model that cost her about 250,000 pounds, which is a really huge sum.

Many people started calling her names in the comments that it is easy for her to spend such a sum when it is Ronaldo's money, and a debate started on Instagram whether she really did it with her money or his money. It is known that Georgina also earns a lot of money from sponsorship contracts and posts on Instagram, and it is no wonder that she also has several million euros in her account, so this car was obviously a small thing for her.

Recently, information appeared that Ronaldo pays his girlfriend 100,000 euros per month and that it is her "pocket money", and it is clear that buying a Rolls Royce was a small thing that she managed to make Ronaldo's day.