Jeremy Renner's Accident: Concerns About Actor's Ability to Walk Again

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Jeremy Renner's Accident: Concerns About Actor's Ability to Walk Again
Jeremy Renner's Accident: Concerns About Actor's Ability to Walk Again

According to recent reports, actor Jeremy Renner has been hospitalized since January 1st, after being crushed by a 60-quintal snowplow near his ranch above Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Renner, best known for his role as Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is said to be facing serious health concerns and may be facing the possibility of amputation of a leg.

Sources close to the actor have reported that Renner has already undergone two surgeries, but there are concerns about his ability to walk again, reports RadarOnline. "Jeremy's already had two delicate surgeries," said an anonymous source.

"But there are serious doubts he will ever be able to walk right again — or at all." These reports have understandably caused worry and concern among Renner's loved ones. "His loved ones worry the damage was significant enough to prevent him from moving the way he used to — that is, if he doesn't lose the leg altogether," said the source.

Jeremy Renner is on a path of healing.

On January 2nd, he shared a selfie from his hospital bed and thanked his fans for their support. "Thank you all for your kind words. 🙏. Im too messed up now to type. But I send love to you all." Renner's sister, Kym Renner, also gave an update on his condition in an interview with People on January 10th.

"We are so thrilled with his progress," she said. "If anyone knows Jeremy, he is a fighter and doesn't mess around." Kym went on to say that Renner was "crushing all the progress goals" and that the family "couldn't feel more positive about the road ahead."

The statement regarding the incident says:


Renner went to retrieve his PistenBully, or snowcat — an extremely large piece of snow-removal equipment weighing at least 14,330 pounds — in an effort to get his vehicle moving. After successfully towing his personal vehicle from its stuck location, Mr.

Renner got out of his PistenBully to speak to his family member," said Balaam. "At this point, it is observed that the PistenBully started to roll. In an effort to stop the rolling PistenBully, Mr. Renner attempts to get back into the driver's seat of the PistenBully. Based on our investigation, it's at this point that Mr. Renner is run over by the PistenBully."