Frankie Essex on the 'parenting problems' of having twins

"Luke and I have been up all night with the babies – they’re both teething"

by Sead Dedovic
Frankie Essex on the 'parenting problems' of having twins

Frankie Essex talked to OK! talked about 'parenting problems' Essex gave birth to twins in May last year. Although she is overjoyed in her role as a parent, she spoke of the 'sweet pains' of their upbringing. "Luke and I have been up all night with the babies – they’re both teething.

Every time I looked at the time another hour had gone. So we took them out for a walk today to get some fresh air in the hopes of it helping them sleep. They fell asleep eventually which is good, because at least that way they won’t be as aggy.

The main thing I use to help them is Calpol, but even with that you can only buy two bottles at a time because they count as paracetamol. I’ve been going through three bottles a week at the moment because every four hours they need some.

It goes so quick."- Essex said, as quoted by


Teething is a current problem, and children are quite upset during that period. However, things will soon be for the best for them and all this is an integral part of growing up.

"Logan’s been in agony. His two top teeth are really coming through and I think that’s what’s hurting him. He gets himself into a right state and starts sweating because he’s screaming so much." Celebrating their first birthday will be a big deal for their parents.

Essex talked about the booking, and informed her friends about it in time. "We wanted the party to be on a weekend, so we had to let the company know. I’m an organised person and if I’d tried to book it closer to the time and couldn’t, then I’d have got really stressed out. Now we can let people know in advance so that they can come."