British Actor Julian Sands Remains Missing In California's San Gabriel Mountains

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British Actor Julian Sands Remains Missing In California's San Gabriel Mountains

Twelve days have passed since the disappearance of British actor, Julian Sands, in the San Gabriel Mountains of California, and rescue services have yet to locate him. The 65-year-old actor was last seen on January 13th, and his car was found near the location where he was reported missing.

Efforts to locate Sands

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office has been actively searching for the actor, utilizing a range of methods including an aerial search. In a statement, the department said, "Helicopters and drones continued to use infrared devices during the search however, all were negative for any signs of Sands." However, the search has been hindered by the treacherous weather conditions in the higher altitudes of the mountain range.

The sheriff's office has also noted that the area where Sands went missing is extremely dangerous, even for experienced hikers.

Search Continues

Despite the difficulties, the search for Sands will continue, weather and ground conditions permitting.

In a statement, the sheriff's department said, “No evidence of his current location has been discovered. The search will continue, weather and ground conditions permitting." The actor's family is also assisting authorities in the search and fellow actors have taken to social media to express their concern for his well-being.

"Conditions can be extreme and even as a resident we don’t hike this time of year…it’s sketchy, it can be very dangerous," Stephanie Coyne told PA on Mount Baldy, reports "In prior years other people have gone missing and (people) get injured every year."

Career and Accomplishments

Sands is a highly accomplished actor, known for his roles in films such as 1985's "A Room With a View," opposite Helena Bonham Carter, directed by James Ivory.

He also had major roles in 1989's “Warlock,” 1990's “Arachnophobia,” 1991's “Naked Lunch,” 1993's “Boxing Helena” and “Leaving Las Vegas” in 1995. Sands has continued to work consistently in the entertainment industry, with smaller roles in film and television in the decades since.