Tom Verlaine dies at 73: Messages of condolence

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Tom Verlaine dies at 73: Messages of condolence

Television frontman Tom Verlaine died at the age of 73. Jesse Paris Smith confirmed his death. Smith feels great sadness after the passing of such a legend who was "like a father" to her. "He died peacefully in New York City, surrounded by close friends.

His vision and his imagination will be missed,” Smith wrote, as quoted by "I met Tom when I was a child, not long after my dad passed away. In him, I felt the energy of a father, a man to hug, to laugh with, to share in mischievous jokes and wild imagination." Patti Smith, her mother, who was also in a relationship with him before, sent a message via Instagram, along with a picture.

"This is a time when all seemed possible. Farewell Tom, aloft the Omega."

Jimmy Rip expressed his condolence

Jimmy Rip, who was also a member of the band, talked about Verlaine and the influence he had on him. "Tom and I had an hysterically funny conversation that lasted the last 42 years.

He was blindingly smart, incredibly well read as well as surreally silly! Standing 10 feet away onstage night after night year after year and STILL trying to figure how he did what he did was the great honour and pleasure of my life." Mike Scott also expressed his condolence and praised Tom's musical qualities "Tom Verlaine has passed over to the beyond that his guitar playing always hinted at.

He was the best rock and roll guitarist of all time, and like Hendrix could dance from the spheres of the cosmos to garage rock. That takes a special greatness." Will Sergeant, another musical legend, did not forget Verlaine.

"Tom Verlaine's playing meant the world to me. If I ever played anything that sounded like him I was happy. He set me on my path as a guitarist, thank you Tom."

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